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Volume 3

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Just as it did two weeks ago, my story continues...To recap Volumes 1 & Volume 2, I acknowledged experiencing sexual violence as a child. I was raped at the age of 12. I explained how that trauma has had an effect on my life and the relationships that I have developed along the way. Acknowledging and naming what happened to me was the first step in my being able to begin my journey towards healing and wholeness.

Here's a few things not acknowledging, naming and confronting your traumas can cause you:

  • Some serious internal issues.

  • It interrupts your growth and development: Being interrupted makes you second guess yourself.

  • It makes you feel like you are not enough.

  • It makes you question everything about yourself.

  • It makes it hard for you to move in freedom.

  • It makes it difficult to trust your own inner voice.

  • It causes you to shutdown internally.

No matter how hard you try to move yourself forward, you will sometimes continue to feel stuck.

If you don’t seek help for yourself you will continue to feel stuck and not move from the inside…from that very important internal place that you need to move from to become the person that God designed you to become. It took me a very long time to understand this. Seeking help and gaining the proper tools that I need has helped me to move myself from feeling stuck to being free.

Being FREE…Wanting FREEDOM from the pain that I have felt is the reason why I started Girl Interrupted No More…I never want another woman, man, girl or boy to experience sexual violence in any way shape or form. I also know that I cannot prevent that from happening. In the very sad case that it does happen, I want to be able to help those who have experienced trauma in the same way that I experienced it. I want to encourage them to speak up and name what happened to them in a way that feels most comfortable for them. No one else can tell me or any other victim how we sho

uld process or react to our trauma. It happened to US, but it does not define us unless we allow it to.

This blog, this non-profit and my company Kayla Khloe was created with women like me in mind. I want to be a voice for the voiceless. I want to be the reason why another woman reaches out for the help that she so desperately needs. I want to be the person to help another human figure out who they can turn to and what resources are available to them if they have suffered from or been victims of sexual violence.

Although I used to cry, question God and ask WHY ME, why did this have to happen to ME, and why did I have to go through this, I understand exactly why now. No one wants to experience the kind of hurt and pain that I have experienced. But, if I am going to acknowledge and understand my assignment, then I have to acknowledge that I went through all that I have gone through so that I can help others to heal.

As I personally learn, grow and heal, I learn how to help others heal. This is my mission. This is my purpose, and I will NEVER allow myself to shut down internally again. If I don’t do what I have been called to do then I will not be able to help the people out there whose lives I have been meant to touch. There are so many people like me out there. If you are reading this and you are one of them, reach out to me. If you know someone who may be hurting and needing help, share this story with them. Please send them my way so that I may become a resource and light to them.

I was a girl interrupted…I won’t ever be THAT girl AGAIN…

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