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Hey y''s your Uninterrupted Girl... so much has happened since we last spoke. But so much is always happening, so that's not a surprise. 

I'm here today to simply say that sometimes we just have to LISTEN and MOVE! There is an internal voice that we all hear. Sometimes there is a feeling in the pit of our stomach. Sometimes there's a💡that just seems to "pop" into our heads. Sometimes we have dreams. No matter how we hear the instructions of what we need to be or should be doing, we need to learn how to listen to them and move. 

I have had all of the above happen to me at some point in my life. Although I know that those things happen because God is talking to me, I don't always move. I pause, I overthink, and sometimes I have a fear of the unknown so I don't move at all. 

Right now at this very moment, I am writing this because I felt compelled to do it. I was just sitting in the lobby waiting for an appointment and the feeling in the pit of my stomach and the "voice" in my head said, "It's time for you to write another blog entry."  Of course my first thought after that was...well, I don't have my laptop. So I got up and decided I was going to come and sit in my car. Again, I felt the tug saying "it's time for you to write again. You don't have your laptop but you do have your phone and you can type in the notes section there." And so, here I am doing what I know God has told me to do. 

When we don't do what God instructs us to do we hinder our own growth and success. We delay the blessings that God has in store for us because we won't listen and take action. What had God instructed you to do that you aren't doing? Listen to His voice and get going. 

And so, here I am doing what I know God has told me to do. 

For me, I had what I call my "God idea" a few years ago. Just resting in bed, sitting up with my head on a pillow with my eyes closed... and then an idea popped into my head and my eyes popped open. This blog is a small part of that God idea. What God placed in my heart that day is directly tied to the purpose that He has for my life. 

Start a company named for your daughters. Make cosmetics and sell them as well as clothing, gear, etc. Use a percentage of those funds to begin your nonprofit organization to support others who have been victims of sexual violence and child molestation. Use that as a platform to tell others to speak up and seek the help that they need to heal. And you be a part of the process to helping them begin their journey to healing and wholeness. 

As someone who is a survivor myself, I know 100% that God's purpose for my life is to be a light and help others who have suffered in the same way to find their voices and walk in their power. But I didn't move at that time because how was I going to make this big idea become a reality?! But then God spoke to me and said, "There's not an idea that's too big if I placed it in your heart!" There is no such thing as "too big", so please don't ever let that stop you. 

Soooo....I did begin to move and got off to a great start, but life and circumstances 

contributed to me not being consistent in doing the work that I know I should be doing. Building others up as I build myself up...I said all that to say, when I do not move as God has instructed me to, I am only keeping myself from becoming everything that God created me to be! And when you don't move as He instructs you to move, you are keeping yourself from becoming EVERYTHING that God created you to be as well. 

So, lets you and I pick ourselves up from where we are at this very moment and begin to move and walk into the calling that God has on our lives. We will only become better for it. As we follow our hearts and God's voice, we become an example to those around us. We can inspire them to also follow their own hearts, dreams and plans. All of our destinies are tied to one another whether we can see it or not. Someone's dreams are directly tied to yours. MOVE and get started TODAY!!

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