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Volume 4

Hey y'all! It’s your UNITERRUPTED GIRL…I spent 3 Volumes telling you my story of being interrupted as a child. INTERRUPTED by sexual violence. INTERRUPTED by being raped at age 12. I highlighted how that has affected my life.

Learning, growing and healing has helped me become the UNINTERRPUTED version of the woman you see today. Helping others to heal is my mission. I launched my cosmetics company Kayla Khloe with this mission in mind. Kayla Khloe is a black owned company launched by my daughters and I. Our product is made for the UNITERRUPTED GIRL. It was created for the FIERCE SURVIVOR in you!

Our mission is to help girls and women find their strength, confidence, and the beauty that lies within them. We want everyone who wears our products to feel loved, important, and to know that they are ENOUGH!

Proceeds from each sale are donated to our Girl Interrupted No More campaign. This will be geared towards helping girls and women who are survivors of sexual violence and molestation. We want to encourage all survivors to speak up and tell someone what they’ve experienced. Our goal is to help these survivors obtain the resources they need to start their journeys towards healing and wholeness.

If you would like to support our company or cause you can visit our website and share our mission and products with everyone that you know.

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